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Function is introduced

1, super protection: to provide the car with thorough protection anytime and anywhere, such as invisible bodyguards against acid rain, sand, bird droppings, ultraviolet light and other continuous damage to the paint.

2, super wear resistance: super toughness to ensure high wear resistance, can resist scratch, rub very well.

3. Ultra-long duration: 10 years warranty, stable performance within 10 years, resistance to yellowing, no cracking, no warping.

4, colorless transparent: super light and excellent permeability, in the perfect protection of the car, you almost do not notice its existence.

5, super environmental protection: do not paint, human body and self-heating produce any side effects.

6, the vehicle installation, perfect traceless: high ductility and unique technical advantages, to ensure the realization of the vehicle assembly and paste, make the daily car wash more at ease, also maximize the protection of the original car paint, to achieve a perfect appearance vision.

Core strengths

Economy: 10 years of perfect protection, can save years of polishing, paint care costs.

Value: beyond the market any k

Practical: polishing will make the original paint more and more weak, damage the original paint, paint protective film, avoid this trouble, protect the paint from damage.

Protect the paint in one go

Three repair layers of TPU nanoscale injection

The thickness of the product7.5mil

Anti-scratch performance increased by 10 times

Improved oil resistance and yellow resistance

Flexibility and lift are greatly improved

Increase the brightness of paint by more than 50%

No construction offsctdruckereien tear without residual adhesive

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