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Safety film

The dragon film protective film, made of tough polyester bonded together with superglue, provides a transparent but powerful barrier that leaves glass in place in the event of impact, greatly reducing the threat of flying stones, seismic waves and accidental hits.
In addition, for Windows or other surface easy to have the "broken Windows grab" or destroy the densely populated area, safety explosion-proof membrane is an ideal choice. The real dragon film all made with dupont Myler substrate processing m is the result of two big companies of strategic cooperation, by the United States embassies and consulates around the world and many government buildings use. < br > Safety and explosion-proof film performance overview:
1. Surface anti-scratch coating, durable
Block up to 99.9% of harmful uv rays
3. Stop vandals and burglars
4. Clarity does not affect vision
5. Fix the broken glass in the frame to prevent the glass from flying away
6. The ironclad series can save energy and provide heat insulation, providing comfort

Explosion-proof membrane

  • T-20

T-20 Ice ash (lateral rear barrier film)

Light transmittance


Infrared barrier


Uv barrier


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