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Langsanti functional membrane

Lang shengdi functional film is dedicated to automotive thermal insulation film, paint protective film. Research and development and production of building glass membrane. The vacuum magnetron sputtering nanometer coating process was adopted Make its base film and coating melt into - body, use It is longer and does not fall off easily. Continuously improve the industry product quality and service, so that the majority of car owners can use better automotive membrane products.

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Lang shengdi solar film focus on solar film for 20 years, lang shengdi from the beginning of the establishment, always adhere to the quality first, reputation first, service first principle and business philosophy, for every customer intentions to make. With the tenet of "select material super high quality, quality fine craft, no worry after sale, excellent experience of customers", we provide assured vehicle film products for the majority of automobile friends. Langshengdi film focuses on building high-end brand of automotive solar film, and has rapidly become a well-known brand of domestic automotive film.

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