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Energy-saving building membrane

Energy-saving diaphragm can promote almost all of the glass structure performance, reduce energy loss and peak demand after lamination. In return, your building can save you 15% electricity every year, improve the efficiency of HVAC (heating ventilation and air conditioning engineering), reduce carbon emissions. Installed directly in the glass surface, also will help to correct strong illumination area and back Yang zone temperature imbalance, building and other architectural energy-saving reform of the glass is the preferred solution.
Basic characteristics of building energy-saving film:
1. Block up to 79% of solar heat to reduce energy consumption
2. Correct temperature imbalance (weaken cold and hot areas)
3. Increase the comfort level of people in the building

Energy-saving membrane

  • T-70

T-70 Ice crystal green (front barrier film)

Light transmittance


Infrared barrier


Uv barrier


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